Go Programming Workshop

Last week we had the opportunity to participate in the Go Programming Workshop organized by Cognitive on 18th -19th of February in the ADGAR Training Center. This is a neat place with lots of facilities for events like this.

Wojciech Barczyński was the instructor of the workshops.

Wojciech is the Lead Software Developer and System Engineer in Hypatos.ai (FinTech, Machine Learning Startup). In Hypatos, he also works on building the right environment for the team to deliver software effectively and have a good time doing it. Organizer of Golang Warsaw Meetup. As a trainer and a lecturer, Wojciech helps students to master software engineering technologies and cloud solutions. A Serverless, Kubernetes/CloudNative, and Golang practitioner, who often speaks at meetups and conferences to help other engineers, validate his ideas, get feedback, and learn.

First day

On the first day, Wojciech introduced participants to basics of Go. We have learned fundamental syntax and concepts, which we probably will use in the future. We have talked about the strengths and weaknesses of this programming language and about good practices in code. If someone had expected that Wojciech would prepare a boring presentation, he would have been totally wrong, because the workshop was extremely intensive with an enormous amount of practice and coding.


Second day

The second day was a real test for skills that we acquired the day before. The main goal was to create a simple web app. We have worked with all the essential problems that developers face in their work, such as routing, exposing web services, database access, etc. Despite such comprehensive material, Wojciech was really understanding and helpful, so even resistant students were able to keep up with the progress.


This workshop was a perfect introduction for someone who would like to start their adventure with GoLang. Maybe two days is not much time and material was very comprehensive, but we could touch the basics of different spheres of programming in Go, leaving the workshop with a great base for further individual development.