Cloud Native Week: Production-Grade Kubernetes Workshop

The second workshop during the Cloud Native Week was Production Grade Kubernetes, held on the 20th and the 21st of February in the ADGAR Training Center.

The instructor - Łukasz Bieliński is an ambitious individual driven by his interest in systems administration, optimization, cloud-sand-clusters. He follows KISS principle and looks forward to challenges in his every job.

First day

Cognitive is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

The first day was all about getting to know Kubernetes platform and preparing everything to create an application. Participants installed Minikube on their computers before the workshop and on-site used it to set up a Single Node Kubernetes Cluster. They went through Kubernetes Objects and ideas behind them. They found out what are the Kubernetes Building Blocks.

Second day

On the second day, they used everything that has been prepared the day before to create the application. They got to know Helm package and learned how to monitor cluster components and applications. Of course, they needed to experience how to backup and restore a Kubernetes Cluster. They also talked about security aspects in Kubernetes.


The instructor Łukasz gave practical tips from his own broad experience. He showed a lot of technical recommendations and best practices from the business perspective. There were hands-on exercises and real-life stories. Participants were very active and asked a lot of questions. Most of them were focused on the actual usage of Kubernetes. Łukasz gave clear answers and deep explanations.

Here is an opinion from one of the participants:

As a Java Developer, I really enjoyed the Kubernetes workshop led by Łukasz and Cognitive. I appreciated the Ops oriented view of software development and deployment. It was a valuable opportunity to get to know production experience and best practices not only about Kubernetes but containerization in general. I was impressed with how Łukasz answered all questions asked by the participants and was open for discussions.

Łukasz Dziedziul (@ldziedziul)

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