Cloud Native & Kubernetes Meetup Tricity #3

Last Friday, January 11th, we hosted the Cloud Native & Kubernetes Meetup Tricity #3 - it was the first one after a long break. The Meetup started at 6:30 PM at O4 Coworking and we were ready to welcome 150 folks.

Partners of the event: Cognitive and Kainos.

The first speaker of the evening was Wiesław Kielas a DevOps engineer that came to GlobalAppTesting from the vile land of Python users. Wiesław, in an insightful and humorous manner, presented why his company migrated from AWS to Google Cloud, and to AWS back again -  on "The road to full containerization".  

Wiesław Kielas: "The road to full containerization"
Rafał Turowicz: "Modern CI/CD for Kubernetes"

Next Rafał Turowicz in his talk: "Modern CI/CD for Kubernetes" presented how to use Helm & Helmsman to set up fully automatic build/deploy pipelines for Kubernetes and use declarative approach (Infrastructure as a Code) rather than manual processes. He showed a universal solution which was developed by him and his team and could be used by others, that is why crucial parts of their useful code will be available on an open source license.

Ignacy Kowalczyk and Karol Gołąb "Cloud Native - effective computing at scale"

The last talk of the evening started after a short break for beer and pizza. Ignacy Kowalczyk and Karol Gołąb from Google Polska were ready to share their knowledge in the presentation "Cloud Native - effective computing at scale".

Karol Gołąb from Google Polska

The recordings from Cloud Native & Kubernetes Meetup Tricity #3 will be published on Cloud Native & Kubernetes Poland YouTube Channel, as usual.

It was really good to see you all. If you have any suggestions, how we could make it even better in the future, feel free to share them with us: