Amsterdam, Tricity & YouTube - Highlights from March meetups

March was really great! Spring has come and we gathered energy and knowledge at meetups in Amsterdam, Tricity and, at the Cloud Native & Kubernetes Poland YouTube channel.

Cloud Native & Kubernetes Meetup Amsterdam #1

On 13th of March as Cognitive we participated in the first Cloud Native & Kubernetes Meetup in Amsterdam.  

Dennis Tilgenkamp hosted the event.

The evening started with William Janssen talking about "Knative".

"Knative" by William Janssen

Jan Waś and Adam Janikowski of Cognitive brought the talk: "Using Admission Webhooks to enhance security" to the Netherlands.

Jan Waś is talking about built-in admission plugins in Amsterdam.

The third talk of the evening was "Dynamic configuration in immutable infrastructure using Spinnaker and EC2" by Pawel Krolikowski.

Amsterdam meetup was a fruitful meeting of Cloud Native enthusiasts from Poland and Netherlands.

Cloud Native Talks #4 (Online Meetup)

On 28th of March during the Cloud Native Talks #4 (Online Meetup) we could see live Sebastien Goasguen's talk - "Going Serverless with Knative" - a great introduction to Serverless and Kubernetes. You can watch it here.

Cloud Native & Kubernetes Meetup Tricity #5

On the 29th of March, we went to Tricity for the fifth Cloud Native & Kubernetes Meetup.

The first speaker Damian Frydrych talked about "Managed solutions - what we get and what is taken away from us."

Damian Frydrych showing the NHS App.

The second talk was "Azure as a cloud vendor today – our journey." by Łukasz Leszczuk.

Łukasz Leszczuk's presentation.

Pizza and beer were nice ice breakers during the buzzing networking.

Pizza & Networking.

See you next time!